Twenty Twenty Analytics is a dedicated group of financial consulting professionals and certified public accountants with over 60 years of collective experience related to credit unions. Our team has performed loan portfolio risk analytics on over $200 billion in commercial and consumer loans for credit unions.

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Originally Aired April 19, 2013 on Bloomberg National News. Editions w/ Terry Bradshaw features Steve Miller, President (right) and Dan Price, Managing Analyst (left) of Twenty Twenty Analytics and Kim Yarnelli of GTE Financial

Because our company works exclusively with credit unions, we understand the unique attributes of their loan portfolios. We have worked with credit unions throughout the United States to help them navigate the challenges of an evolving regulatory environment. Our professionals have met with NCUA examiners to specifically understand what they are looking for during credit union exams. We designed our loan portfolio risk models to meet these requirements. This has allowed our clients to minimize the disruption of an exam. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, our clients have learned a great deal about their portfolios as a result of our analysis. They have used this knowledge to make operational changes that have led to lower charge offs, more effective pricing and loan growth.

Brad Stewart, enterprise risk manager for $843 million IBM Southeast Employees' Federal Credit Union was published in Credit Union Management Magazine discussing the importance of portfolio risk analysis saying:

"Overall, the loan portfolio risk analysis from Twenty Twenty empowered us to not only find the answers we were looking for, but to identify new insights and opportunities that might have otherwise gone unnoticed."

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Twenty Twenty Analytics is the Exclusive CUNA Strategic Service (CSS) provider for Loan Portfolio Analysis and Regulatory Compliance. CSS
has performed a rigorous due diligence process to determine that Twenty Twenty Analytics services are designed most suitably to help the nation's credit unions.