Testimonial from Laura Hetherington - VP - Loans - IBM Southeast Employees' Federal Credit Union

"In addition to helping us respond to regulatory pressure regarding loan portfolio risk, Twenty Twenty Analytics' multi dimensional portfolio analysis is a great tool to assist us in making changes to the composition of our portfolio. Both in decisions to shut down or limit existing credit lines and in decisions to offer additional loans to current members, the analysis has given us the information we need to be proactive in optimizing our portfolio's size and profitability."

Testimonial from Dennis Bauer - Chief Financial Officer - Postal Credit Union

"We were impressed with the flexibility offered by the Twenty Twenty Model. Their team works with us to determine what information we need to fuel our operational decisions and the best way to incorporate that information into the loan portfolio analysis. They are able to present the data in a format that adds real value to our decision making process."

Testimonial from Brad Hines, Esq. - Chairman of the Board - GTE Federal Credit Union

"Having the Collateral Loan Review performed by Twenty Twenty was a great decision by our Board. Their work provided us with keen insight. As a Board we took comfort in being able to rely on their considerable expertise, giving us an opportunity to focus what matters most...our members."

Testimonial from Spencer Pratt - VP Business Development - Leaders Credit Union

"We engaged Twenty Twenty Analytics to review our loan portfolio as well as the portfolio of a credit union we were evaluating as a candidate for merger. In addition to assisting us in complying with NCUA regulations on loan portfolio risk assessment, Twenty Twenty's Team helped us to better understand how the merger of that credit union would affect our risk and capital position."

Testimonial from Linda Darling, CFO - Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union

"The loan analysis performed by Twenty Twenty Analytics proved invaluable and really helped us understand our loan portfolio exposure."

Testimonial from Kim Yarnelli, V.P. of Real Estate Services - GTE Federal Credit Union

"Twenty Twenty Analytics provided us with quality loan information that went far beyond our residential portfolio. I would recommend them to any institution regardless of size."